Programs that genuinely enrich the lives of children and their families

The ‘My Time, Our Place‘ framework for school age care in Australia guides our programming. The Framework assists educators to provide opportunities for children to maximise their potential and develop the foundations for future success. Working with the themes of; Being, Belonging and Becoming, we at Sharma’s create programs customised to suit the children, and community in which they operate. Underpinned by ACECQA’s National Quality Framework, our; before school, after school and vacation, care programs are focussed on the following core principles:

Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships

Children must be safe and well supervised. Mutually supportive relationships between children; children and adults and amongst adults provide the foundations for effective care. Sharma’s OSHC educators are attuned to the children in their care and focused on creating positive and supporting environments that enhance self esteem, independence and leadership skills


Based on effective communication between all Children, Families, Schools, Communities and educators, we ensure our partnerships:

  • value each other’s knowledge
  • value each other’s contribution
  • are based on trust
  • enjoy free and respectful communication
  • share insights and perspectives
  • engage in shared decision making

High expectations and equity

Achieved through continuous development of professional knowledge and skills; working in partnership with children, families, communities, services and agencies. Our carers continually strive to find equitable and effective ways to ensure children have opportunities to experience a sense of worth and achieve outcomes.

Respect for diversity

Our educators work to understand the diverse backgrounds of the children in their care in order to nurture well being and development. Program decisions support their different capacities and abilities. Educators think critically about opportunities to explore similarities and difference.

Ongoing learning and reflective practice

Continuously developing professionalism along with a lively culture of inquiry results from an ongoing cycle of review. Issues are recognised and addressed, practices examined, outcomes reviewed and new ideas generated to ensure the highest program quality, environment design, equity and well being for all the children in our care.

Everyday our teams care for your children in practical and effective ways:

Health and well being

Safety is at the forefront of care. Routine inspections ensure equipment and play areas are well maintained. Individual requirements are understood, documented and communicated to the team. We work with relevant agencies to support the integration of children with additional needs. We provide high quality, nutritious menus for breakfast and afternoon tea and cater for culturally diverse requirements. Accidents and injuries are immediately managed and documented. All staff are trained in emergency response procedures. For more detail, ask our friendly staff.

Trained and professional staff

All Sharma’s OSHC staff are trained and encouraged to form professional relationships with both children and parents.

Our people are empowered to understand and respond to the unique needs of the centre’s community. All staff are fully supported by the owners, systems, policies and procedures. Constant feedback from parents, school staff and community members; regular training and development opportunities underpin the professional approach adopted by our centre staff.

Interesting and stimulating programs

Our staff closely observe and interact with children in order to fully understand individual needs and interests. Programs are created in the centre and reflect these observations, ideas and suggestions.

Typical activities include:

  • Clubs and interest groups lead by children
  • Quiet areas for reading
  • Homework Club
  • Outdoor games and sports
  • Creative and imaginative play
  • Art and craft
  • Cooking
  • Projects and construction

Professional sports and activity coaching are offered free of charge to children as part of our creative programming approach. The program is varied and reflects the current and emerging interests of the group. We aim to conveniently engage and extend children’s capacity within the OSHC setting. The H&W program supports busy working families juggling the pressures of providing access to extra curricular activities.

Effective Communication

Sharma’s OSHC provides a link between home and school. We display relevant information and resources for parents including the weekly program and menu, policies and contact details.

We actively seek community involvement and feedback to ensure we are providing and receiving all relevant information. We employ continuous and regular surveys, feedback, review, and consultation with parents and school, community meetings and newsletters.

We have the latest technology to facilitate easy fees, statements and payments. For more information on communication and fee procedures, speak to our friendly staff.

Inviting Environments

We all respond to our surroundings and the children in our care are given the chance to appreciate and enjoy the experiences and resources Sharma’s OSHC offers.

Our Centres are clean, tidy and attractive. The atmosphere is calm and pleasant, inviting and welcoming. We ensure equipment is well maintained, regularly replaced and well organised.

Healthy cooking and eating

Food is an important part of our daily routine. We encourage and provide interesting and nutritious food each session and children’s participation in the preparation and presentation of meals. Good nutrition underpins our offerings, but fun also has a role to play. Every centre has a cooking club and vacation care often includes master chef style ‘cook – offs’ just for fun.

Providing the best support systems possible:

We supplement our services with programs and resources including:
ISS (Inclusion Support Subsidy) for children with additional needs
As part of our philosophy of inclusive, stimulating and appropriate care, Sharma’s offers Inclusion Support programs for eligible children. To discuss this service, please contact us.

Sharma’s complies with relevant legislative requirements under the New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999 (the Act) and makes CCB, deductions and general communications with the department very simple.